Today a friend of mine left for his deployment to Afghanistan. He is a C-130 pilot for the Kentucky Air National Guard and he and his crew departed SDF at 10am this morning. He is a wonderful disciple, husband, dad and friend in addition to serving our country.

So my prayer for him is that he would be guided and protected during his deployment. That he is kept safe from all harm and alert to being used by God. That he return safely to his husband and family role here stateside. That his family is comforted during his absence. That they are supported by the church and the community. And that their reunion is sweet, cherished and longed for.

Thank you for adding to the prayers for Charlie and his family.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Haelie says:

    Praying for Charlie and his family.

    I also have a new Sign from God for you:

    Autumn leaves. Jesus remains.


  2. Dan says:

    Haelie…..thank you. For both the sign but, more importantly, the prayers. As you know, they are critical in our spiritual lives. By the way, Charlie’s wife just came back from serving at a prison all weekend. THAT is the type of family they are — just wonderful examples of discipleship.