As I have stated before, our family is in “church seek” mode. We have been to quite a few churches and services across a wide spectrum. Many of the sermons have spoke to me but I have been very impressed with the messages from our local mega-church. In fact, so much that my wife and I have gone back on their website to watch previous sermons and messages given before we started going.

We watched one this afternoon together as a couple entitled “Pulling the Weeds“. It was a great message and really cuts to the heart of why we as Christians don’t always seem fulfilled, don’t always receive answered prayer, or don’t always grow productive fruit. I won’t bother to say much more because the lector conveys it much better than I can.

So what are you waiting for — go watch it here.

And then get to work on your spiritual garden pulling the weeds.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net