I sit here after this evening’s church service catching up on the gridiron battle going on at the Rose Bowl between the Horned Toads of Texas Christian University and the U of Wisconsin Badgers. 19 years ago I was at that same venue rooting for purple as the U of Washington Huskees road victoriously to a win. I still have my ticket stub signed by winning coach Don James. It was also my debute on ESPN as they interviewed Coach James in his victory suite afterwards and I happened to be over his shoulder.

I am again rooting for purple, this time for TCU, for a few very good reasons. One, I’m Texan and they have Texas in their name. Two, I’m Christian and they have Christian in their name. Enough reasons there but then watching the broadcast I find out that TCU head coach Gary Patterson spent time as an assistant coach at Cal Lutheran where I played one year of college football. How cool is that?

Go Horned Frogs!!!!!

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