I have had my first two days on the job. Lots to learn and I have been trying to just soak it all in. It is a small copy of our personal lives — observing, asking questions, figuring it all out and adjusting.

Monday was very cold. Even the Kentuckians were complaining about it. I figure if I can survive this, I can survive anything the weather throws at me. The heater in my truck went out though so I will need to make that a priority to fix. It’s not bad going into work because the truck is in the garage at night, but going home in a truck that has been sitting in a parking lot all day in 20F degrees ain’t fun. I have my sweater, my jacket, my gloves and my beanie cap on. I have to make sure I don’t breathe too hard so I don’t steam up the windshield. Pretty funny, huh?

Tuesday, I was much happier to see that it was a balmy 45F degrees. Maybe I am already acclimating to the weather with statements like that. It actually got up to 53F and wasn’t bad with a jacket on outside. I must be crazy.

We made a few trips down to the airport to pick up our first guests – my sis-in-law and my folks. We are so blessed with the house and that it has lots of room for people to come stay and visit. They came in when it was dark so I am excited for them to wake up and see the property. Which leads me to another thing — the sun doesn’t come up here until about 7:30 or 8am. It will be nice in the summer, though, when it stays light later.

Have I mentioned how painful dialup is if you had broadband before? Definitely one of those things you don’t think you need if you’ve never had it but once you have had it, you can’t go back. That kinda shows you how far out we are in the country. It actually isn’t too far — only 34 minutes to the airport. But far enough out to definitely be country. For those of you, my friends, who have broadband, please enjoy it for me.

The next few days will be nice since I have off work and we can enjoy our company during the Christmas holiday. My wife and I are going to spend today doing all those things you have to do in a move: new driver’s license, register the vehicles, open a bank account, etc. Not glamorous but somebody’s gotta do it. Hopefully we’ll get it all done before the big snow we are expecting today.

…..Dan at aslowerpace