Today was my first day back in the office after being out on business travel all last week. And we know how those first days back are — an email tsunami, loads of voicemails to return, meetings to catch up on, paper to push, people to see — you get the picture. But I survived and was able to make headway today so when I left the office to go home and spend time with the family, I felt pretty good.

So as I was getting in my car, I looked over and happened to notice a beautiful fully bloomed rose bush (I probably missed it in the morning because the blooms hadn’t opened yet). It was quite large and had a hundred or so bright pink blooms on it. I actually stopped to admire the beauty of God’s creation and then opened the door so I could smell them. I then pulled out my pocket knife and cut a few stems with buds on them to bring home to my wife. I also snapped a picture to share with you readers as well as to be a reminder for all of us to, more often than not, stop…..and smell the roses.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net