Well, let’s see if I can squeeze in one last post for August…..seeing as I posted so much this month.

This summer has been abundant for butterflies. I normally notice them because I think they are marvelous gifts from God that are beautiful and random — just what we need to slow us down and take notice for 30 seconds as they occupy our day.

Below is a picture my wife took on the back property of a beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly. There have been so many butterflies this year — not just swallowtails but also Monarchs, West Virginia White, Spicebush swallowtail and many others that I can’t name or don’t remember. In fact, there was one in the garage window that was as large as my outstretched hand. I was able to catch him and usher him outside where he flittered away. My Dad and I watched him fly away and he was so big we could watch him past the treeline over 400-500 feet away. He actually looked like a bat he was so big flying away.

Enjoy what is left of the summer butterflies. And goodbye August. I will miss you like the butterflies…..even though you were blazing hot and humid this year.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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  1. Mary Alice Haldeman says:

    This rates right up with Sun rise and sunsets and hummingbirds! Our God is so good to us and some days we do not take time to say a simple “Thank You”.!
    You are so great for sharing these gifts with us. Have a great day! Mary Alice