The first big storm of the season is here. It started snowing around 9am, turned to rain around lunchtime and then changed to sleet the evening. It made it a challenge to drive around and get things done but we were able to take care of 3 out of 4 of the priority items — sign up for propane service, get a bank account and get our Kentucky licenses. The license part was a very nice surprise. First, we had to go to the local court house — a very nice, old small town court house with tall ceilings, stone steps leading up and local charm. The line for the driver’s license was non-existant. Compare that with my last trip to the California DMV where I had to wake up at 6am so I could be first in line at 6:30a for an 8am opening. When it finally opened, there were over 100 people in line. Here, we just walked right up and started the process. Two additional surprises: it cost only $9 and we walked away with our license. No exorbitant fees, no waiting 6 to 8 weeks, no bureaucratic non-sense. Just good old fashioned friendly service. My wife and I were very pleased. Thank you Shelby County Courthouse!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon at the SuperWalMart getting more odds and ends for the house. Because of the holiday season, the lines were long but everyone just talked with one another — whether they knew them or not. Quite a contrast to the Simi Valley WalMart we were used to — the friendly conversation, not the lines. WalMart needs to take a lead from Target or Vons and open more check stands. Almost all WalMarts I have been to could use more check stands to thin the long lines out.

We ended the day with a very nice dinner at Stoney River, a nice steak place that has some special meaning to us. At that spot we made our family decision to move to Kentucky as well as chose the house and placed the offer to buy the property. It was nice to share it with our guests — sis-in-law and my folks — and really enjoy the meal and company.

The drive home was challenging. The freezing rain froze the wipers to the windshield. And the ice scrapers I bought at WalMart were keeping the kitchen counter free of ice at home, but useless to me in the parking lot. We finally got on the road and the 25 minute drive evolved into a slippery 1+ hour adventure. Luckily, we took our time and arrived home safely but it isn’t fun driving on the narrow country roads in those conditions. I would rather have an empty parking lot in which to do donuts but my wife frowns upon such mischieviness. Maybe I’ll sneak out tonight.

The weather is expected to be more of the same tomorrow. I think I’ll sleep in and enjoy it out the window.

…..Dan at aslowerpace

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