My son and I were on the way home from Scouts tonight. We are now in the elective stage of the year where we get to pick fun things to do and build since all the requirements have been completed. Tonight the Scouts built marshmellow blow guns. They were very cool and the boys had a great time with them.

As we came up our street headed home, we caught two deer in the headlights. I slowly came to a stop and we got a really good look at them. There was a buck and a doe. The buck had only one antler and he looked really goofy spotlighted in the beams. It is that time of year — it seems we should probably go out shed hunting soon.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. Haelie says:

    Hey, Dan,

    You can absolutely put that quote in your “A Sign From God” series…especially since I stole it in the first place 😉 Seriously, that would be great.

    Hope you get to go hunting soon!

  2. A Slower Pace » Blog Archive » Shed hunting success!….. says:

    […] Last Tuesday’s post was about a local cyclops buck that we spotted on the way home from Scouts with only one of his antlers. It is the season for the males to drop or “shed” their antlers. And because it is hunting the kids can do, we enjoy going out back and seeing if we can find any. Our shed hunting escapade last year was only successful in the fun category — we actually didn’t find any antlers. […]