Six months ago today we closed escrow on our house here in Kentucky and began acclimating. The road hasn’t been easy. We have had our ups and our downs. Much has been resolved and the rest we have adjusted to.

Now we sit here at a milestone and I can tell you that we have nicely adjusted to our life here in the Kentucky countryside. There are still some things that suck. We have made changes to accommodate those things or reduced how they affect our family (For example, homeschooling. Or asking for “very non-smoking” when we go to restaurants). Other things we have embraced and enjoy to the fullest.

My wife made a comment the other night when we were at my son’s T-ball practice. She said that earlier in the year, we would go to a school or sport event and not know anyone. Now we show up and we are able to say hi to people and socialize because we know people at most places we go. Just there at practice I said hi and gave high fives to four kids from our soccer team that were now playing T-ball. Those relationships are proof that we are slowly building our social network and becoming part of the community. We are no longer the “new guys”.

I’m raising a glass of sweet tea to our next six months here. I hope yours are as fulfilling and exciting as ours.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net