Tonight was a nice night for me. I was able to come home at a semi-reasonable hour even with all the stuff going on at work. My oldest daughter greeted me in the garage for my “different kid first every night” hug. I deposited my array of business geek gear in it’s home which is a basket on this granite telephone table in the entryway — wallet, cellphone, PalmPilot (old school man!), nice pen and access badge. Awaiting me around the corner was a wonderful candlelit meal created by my wonderful wife along side a nice chilled bottle of 2003 Hogue late harvest Riesling. Everyone had already eaten so the kids played upstairs nice while my wife and I had about a half hour to ourselves to talk. After that, carmel chocolates for the kids and some inside rough-house games of “tackle” — all the kids and the dog against Daddy. Then a round of some family video games followed by some decompression time — jammies, hugs and prayers. I don’t care what you do for a vocation or how hard a day you had a work; when you come home to that, things just seem alright. I sure needed this evening. I gotta go check the calendar to see if it’s my birthday or Father’s Day or something because I don’t deserve this just because.

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