Because of my wife’s stuck Suburban, I had relegated us to house arrest until the snow started to melt. My old Suburban was left back at work so we didn’t have a way to get around in this snow. That was fine because they kids went out and played in the snow and my wife was working on our Christmas turkey meal. The house smelled wonderful and was full of holiday cheer.

I gave an effort to dig the Suburban out to no avail. Two wheel drive and street tires are no match for ice, snow and no traction. Went through some more boxes in the basement to make myself useful. And right after lunchtime we get a visit from a local neighbor. He saw the beached whale of a Suburban and came over on his ATV. He ended up taking me in to work to pick up my old Suburban (normally a 20 minute drive one way but this time a 35 minute drive times two). He then helped us use that Suburban to pull out my wife’s stuck Suburban. We got it out the first time and ushered hers back into the garage. Many thanks were given and, since I knew we could go into town, I took an order for his favorite amber colored beverage.

Neighbor Larry — thanks for helping us out and Merry Christmas!

My wife’s Christmas Eve dinner turned out wonderfully, we had a great time with our company and we let the kids open a few presents from under the tree. All in all, another great day here in Kentucky.

…..Dan at slowerpace