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I stated before that I would revisit some posts from this date one and two years ago. One year ago today I took the day off and joined the kids at the Science Museum. Two years ago today was the second time we visited our current church. The post had some good meaning. Reprinted below with permission.

This morning we hit the late service and it had about three times the people as the first service last week did. We stayed for a pizza luncheon afterwards and met quite a few people. More baby steps for us.

A quote during the sermon resonated with me.

“You may be the only Bible some people read.”

It goes hand in hand with a prayer I routinely ask — to be a disciple of example. I don’t like people cramming their ideas down my (or anyone else’s) throat. I figure it is much more effective to speak with actions rather than speak with words. Words without action are useless blabbering (kinda like this blog). Actions by themselves are powerful.

The rest of our day was spent as a family doing some errands after church and a few chores before an early dinner. It is now early to bed to prepare for the beginning of the week. That will get us a good night’s sleep which is our first step to a good day and getting it off to a good start. Again, school attitudes are positive this Sunday night which is important but I am also prepared for a step backwards if it happens. If it is two baby steps forward, one step back, that is ok. It will continue to take time acclimating. Going to church today was one more piece of the routine puzzle.

On another positive side, my wife took the freeway to the Kroger’s this afternoon. If you recall from a post on our trip out here, she had trouble driving and has been apprehensive ever since. She has warmed to driving the country roads, but hadn’t conquered the freeway until today. We’re getting there.

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