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Earlier this week R had a foundation meeting in support of January’s Chrysalis flight. She attended last year as a participant and this year has volunteered to be a youth leader for the flight. If you didn’t know, Chrysalis is an awesome organization and experience for young folks. It takes their young caterpillar belief in Christ and propels it through a growth stage – hence the name Chrysalis – to transform them beyond themselves to be servants in Christ. It is a very important step in their faith journey.

Because my wife was not feeling well, I had the evening pickup. I brought K along for the ride with a promise of a side visit to Sonic for a drink. We had to wait a while, but finally R came out and we were headed home via Sonic. On the way there cruising along the freeway, I noticed a van on the interchange connector going much slower than normal with its hazard lights blinking. I looked back and saw the whole front hood smashed in. That looked weird because there were no other vehicles around. Because I was doing 65mph I was soon beyond view. It was at that point that I realized that the car had hit a deer. And with it being a minivan, the thought of a mom and her kids going through that had me exit the freeway and get back on going back to see if they needed assistance. My daughters were a little miffed because this delayed their Sonic but we all knew it was the right thing. A couple of minutes later I was able to pull up in front of them and jog back to see what help I could offer. I had some room in my car for a ride and a cell phone for them to call for a tow truck. Upon arrival, the family of four was out of the smashed vehicle. They all appeared ok which was confirmed when I asked. The mom was on a cell phone and the dad said he appreciated me stopping but that they had it all covered. He shook my hand and thanked me again and I returned to my daughters.

That stop for assistance took some conscious effort but after arriving there I really didn’t do much for the thanks and appreciation. Now contrast that with this morning’s event.

On the way to work I was running a bit late. I enjoyed the bits of sunrise I could see behind me (but not like this one earlier this month) and listened to enjoyable music on the radio. Towards the end of my commute as the highway ends and transitions to a four lane road thoroughfare I noticed about a half mile up ahead a vehicle in the left lane with its hazards flashing. I could see a young man standing on the median and liquid under the older Ford Explorer. The light was red and I pulled into the right lane next to the disabled vehicle. As the light turned green, I continued on my way. How easy would it have been for me to pull onto the right shoulder and ask him what help he needed? I had my cell phone. I could have helped him push the truck to the right out of traffic. It would have taken less time than it took me to turn around and drive back to the deer collision vehicle. All I know is that I failed to serve when an opportunity was placed in front of me.

Here are other times I have fallen short.

Turtles and failure…..

I’m ashamed…..

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UPDATE: at lunch, I was given a second chance.