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We were crazy or should I say going crazy 4 years ago today. That was because it was our first true day in Kentucky. It was a frantic day that had us:

  • traveling up from outside of Nashville
  • hurrying to Louisville to drop off the dogs with a work friend
  • rush to the realtor to sign the closing papers
  • get pulled over as we sped to the house
  • so we could pay the water people and not have them turn off the water over the weekend
  • go to Walmart to stock the fridge and get all those lame little household items you take for granted (paper towel holder, silverware drawer organizer thingy, door mats, trash cans, etc)

Looking back on it, that was a crazy time. And we didn’t know anyone here. I’d be hard pressed to do all that all over again today.

Here is the original post from that time.

We had our church Advent event tonight so we are going out Monday at lunch as a family to celebrate. My wife chose the Cheesecake Factory as our celebratory location. See ya there.

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