Archive for December 10th, 2004

After getting up at 5am to get stuff done and be at Home Depot when they opened, I ended up at Home Depot when they closed.

The movers have shoehorned everything we own into a semi-truck trailer, my Suburban is towing a trailer-in-training (UHaul), the house is now a shell and we have been doing last minute patch and paint, vacuuming and cleaning.

Highlights of my very busy 20 hour day were:
– having a sandwich lunch with my son while we parked and watched bulldozers
– returning a lost dog, meeting a new neighbor and receiving some very nice custom, signed, horse themed prints that will look very nice in our new home (and mirror the ones at the Disney ranch which they were commissioned for)
– a last dinner out here as a family with my folks
– watching the moving trucks pull away with my son on my shoulders as they honked their very loud horns

And as things would have it, it is a typical December day in California: 78 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. It was as if California was saying goodbye. Or maybe it knew we would miss the weather and it was giving us a "neener, neener" for our last full day here.

Other titles for this post were going to be "Home Depot Frequent Flier", "The Weather Sure Sucks In California", "Hello and Goodbye", and "See Ya Later Isn’t Possible As A Departing Quote". But all in all I chose "Whew" because after such a long day with so much accomplished, that’s what I felt like.

I’m gonna sleep like a rock.

…..Dan at aslowerpace