Archive for December 30th, 2004

Had a bonfire last night to get rid of the pile of boxes and paper the movers left. Boy, what a cool site to see the snow slowly deteriorate to a watery mess as the flames lept 15 feet high and ravaged the cardboard and paper. Since it was cloudy, the stars for us were the ashes as they were spit skyward. We went out this morning to check our Mt. St. Cardboard ash trail. It went for a couple hundred feet down towards the creek. That was a perfect time for the fire — Christmas paper and cardboard fuel from the move along with snow everywhere preventing anything else from burning.

And if the fire didn’t melt the snow around it last night, the balmy 49F degrees and expecting drizzle should take care of the rest. It is all slowly melting feeding both the creeks nearby with the nice sound of running water tumbling over the rocks. All the snow should be gone by this weekend at this rate.

Bring on the next weather pattern.

…..Dan at aslowerpace