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This morning’s devotions had a nice story in it. The pastor giving it was from a volunteer church, here to do a mission just like our group.

There once was a well-to-do woman who hailed a taxi from the airport to return home. On the way home the taxi driver took the woman on a shortcut through the more run down part of town. As she looked out the window, she saw a little girl playing outside. She was ragged, looked disheveled and had on dirty clothes. She had bare feet and was playing in the dirt. The lady asked the driver to stop.

She said “The mother of that child must not love that child very much.”

The driver looked over at the child and recognized her. He replied “I know the mother of that child and she does love her very much.”

The lady looked at the driver with a bewildered look.

The driver went on. “You hate the dirt, but do not love the child”.

He continued, “The mother doesn’t mind the dirt, but she loves the child”.

That is what God calls us to do. Love the child…..and each other.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

While the weather cooperated with us yesterday, today was just downright spectacular. Sunny but not too hot with a nice breeze which made the upper 70’s/lower 80’s temps just perfect. About the only time I really got hot and broke a sweat was when a friendly stray dog came by and I played with him and rubbed his belly. Other than that, we enjoyed the day and took advantage of it to get quite a few things done. Our initial push on several of the big projects were capped off with time consuming finishing details — but the kind that makes you proud of a job well done. Today was a bit different because our entire team was at the job site, not some at the distribution center and some at the job site. It was nice because the other ladies could see what we talked about Monday and Tuesday evening. We got lots of pictures and hope to wrap up most of the non-professional odds and ends tomorrow. Once they get a professional plumber and electrician in, the house should be ready to move in. There is some cosmetic brick work and, of course, some yard landscaping to take care of. But both those items could be done with the homeowner living there — maybe by the homeowner themselves.

I guess the one disappointing fact with this house is that we haven’t seen anyone there. We have had a little direction by the camp but they have been so overwhelmed with all the other logistical tasks. I think they realised that we were self starters that could run with this house. We also haven’t seen the homeowner. I don’t know their story but, from our perspective, it would be nice to have that personal story which would give us more purpose. I know a lot of the other teams got that from their job sites and it motivated them. It’s not a terribly big deal because we all didn’t come down here for the feely, touchy, Dudley-Do-Right feeling. We came down here to make a difference. However, it would be nice frosting on the cake.

Prior to dinner I encountered another story that requires it’s own post. So stay tuned again and insert following post here.

Our dinner took us to a widely recommended BBQ place called “The Shed”. They had really good BBQ with great ambiance. It was a great hang out and, again, the weather was perfect for our outside table with lotsa folks there enjoying a beer and some blues music. We were stuffed coming back and looking forward to our last work day down here. Thanks for the BBQ treat, Doug!

Thank you again to all who have supported and prayed for us. We are so blessed to be down here and are really enjoying the spirit of the camp and each other.

Please say a special prayer for a church group from South Carolina — Wittenburg Lutheran — who are hitting the road tomorrow and returning home. Pray for a safe journey back to their loved ones.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net