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Here on our property we have had many fun times and various events. Most recently we had Thunder Over Finchville to celebrate our great country’s birthday. We have also had many bonfires, swim parties, birthday celebrations, New Year’s festivities, hay rides, cookouts, first communion worship service and even a Christian musical concert. Well, yesterday, we added another event to our growing list — wedding.

The bride is the daughter of friends of ours from the Emmaus community. They had brought their daughter, her fiance and their friends over for Thunder Over Finchville last month. The daughter really loved our property, especially the willow tree in the front yard and wanted to get married in front of it. Who are we to say no to such a special request? And the groom is a soldier serving our country locally who is also manning up and making the right decision. You see, the bride is pregnant and he was committing, not only to her, but to his soon-to-arrive daughter. I am so proud that this young couple chose to take the harder path — to get married and keep the baby — versus all the other societal acceptable solutions out there. The young man is truly a man of honor and we have prayed for special blessings for their marriage and their unity as a family as they grow together. We were honored they chose to include us (and our place) for their special day and we pray and wish them many happy days and years ahead.

Interestingly, the wedding was to be at 6:30p — at the exact time a lone storm cell was passing through. This was a wild storm with 65 mph winds and torrents of rain. It cut power to a lot of Jefferson County (so much, in fact, that the first day of school for Jefferson County Public Schools is delayed til Tuesday). As the storm front approached, everyone took shelter in either the house or the garage. The lightening and 45 degree rain kept it interesting but soon enough it blew by and everyone picked up where they left off. The wedding commenced at 7pm — such a special number if you have a Biblical perspective. And from there on a beautiful ceremony commenced. The bride was beautiful, all the guys cleaned up nice, and the flower girl and ring bearer were as cute as could be. Again, how special we could share our place with them as they begin their lives together as one.

God bless your marriage and lives together, Kurt and Sarah.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net