Today was an all around gorgeous day. Sunny, no clouds and we broke into the 50’s. Birds were out doing their thing, you didn’t need a coat, and people were generally upbeat. I cannot remember a day when I truly looked around in amazement at the beauty of the weather and surroundings.

When I returned from work and drove down the driveway, my son and two dogs were playing around the pasture and running to great me. It was a great way to be greeted home and to kick off the weekend. We then took the dogs on a small walk around the property. Nothing strenuous — just a stroll around soaking up the afternoon.

Back in California, I looked down on days like this as too cold. It’s amazing what a streak of cold weather will do to your weather standards. Maybe we’ve acclimated to this Kentucky weather. All I know is that winter is still here and I am expecting more freezing days ahead. But today, we thoroughly enjoyed the day as a family. I received a nice welcome home, was able to pick up my kids from school and grilled dinner outside while enjoying a cold one.

Luckily, this weather should hold through the weekend so more enjoyment and relaxation is ahead.

…..Dan at aslowerpace