Today was another rare spring day in winter. It actually got up to 57F! We started off the day at an indoor yard sale at the local community center. It was a picture ripped from the country 50’s. And old basketball gym circa 1954 with various locals hawking their wares on folding tables. It was almost a thrift store on steriods. Like a lot of people’s grandmas all died and left them stuff. From a crocheted picture of Jesus to a salt shaker in the shape of Kentucky to a set of John Wayne plates to an old fan that you could stick your whole hand through before they made them safe. It was a eclectic country mix. I’m sure there were a few gems that could end up on one of those antique appraisal TV shows where you bought it for $1 and it is worth hundreds. And then when we left, we spent some time with my son on the outdated playground. You know, the one that has all the good play things from days of old. Like real see-saws. And a skeleton merry go round where if you fell off in the middle it would hit you in the head. And they had really cool back-hoe sand toys that you sit on and control the scooper to dig a hole. It was kinda like looking back on toys of your childhood where they aren’t as whiz-bang as todays electronic toys but they have lots of character.

Spent the rest of the day doing a few chores around the house — cleaning out the garage, cleaning out the basement, and assembling the new smoker I got. I also spent a 1/2 hour chatting with my back neighbor who offered help carrying something heavy into the house when he saw us drive on the grass to the front door.

Dinner was some nice country eats at the Cracker Barrel. I had comfort food — chicken ‘n’ dumplins’. I had never had them before coming to Kentucky but them’s good eats! And the Kentucky sunset escorted us home. I made a statement to my wife that I think I’ve seen and enjoyed more sunsets in the short time here than we saw in California all last year. Don’t know if it is because you can see more of the horizon here or if we are truly slowing down and enjoying the little things in life or what. But they sure are purty.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl. We plan on hitting the late service and then have a new member party at the pastor’s house. It wil give us a chance to meet new people. We’ll make it back in time for the game but I am not that enthused about rooting for either team. As a Dallas Cowboy fan, I have grown up hating the Eagles (right behind the Redskins) however, I am tired of the Patriots. I guess if someone has to win, I’ll go for the green birds but to me it really doesn’t matter. Good thing NASCAR starts in a few weeks.

…..Dan at aslowerpace