It has been an interesting week. Not the turmoil like we had in previous weeks with school or second guessing our decision. But also not like we’ve been here 6 months and have totally adjusted. I have a feeling that the adjustment period will progress along more like a gradiation rather than a on/off kind of thing. We’ll have some good days and some bad days just like in the beginning. But the ratio will slowly weigh to the good days’ favor.

For example, Tuesday this week I received my daily morning email update from my wife. She was amazed that all the kids had gotten ready for school without whining or fighting or crying or causing any trouble. They each went to school with positive attitudes willingly. When she picked them up, they had good days and talked about it. To top it off, they all went to bed early and my son even put himself to bed in his own bed without prompting. This in itself is amazing because at one point during the night he ends up in our bed — either starting out or at 3am. It was like the planets aligned.

Well, of course, the next day Mars must have been out of whack because there was a bit of whining and stuff in the morning. Nothing major but enough to make you realize that the day before was an anamoly. Which leads to my conclusion that, in this transition, we will continue to have up days and down days but the ratio will slowly progress towards favoring the up days. Even in our regular lives in CA, we had down days so that is to be expected and not necessarily compared to our transition period here in Kentucky. What it signaled to me is that we are on the right path however slowly the transition is. And eventually, our good days will outnumber the not so good and we will realise that our adjustment period had ended some time before, only it was subtle. So subtle that we didn’t recognize it as we became true Kentuckians.

…..Dan at aslowerpace