Today was a good family day. Spent the time out with the family shopping, braving the snow flurries, picking up milk, bread and eggs (we learned from the last snowstorm) and eating lunch out. We had a nice meal at a local BBQ place with great food.

The one thing I miss about California is the public no smoking policies — in malls, in restaurants and in public places. It’s one of the few things California got right. Here, of course, the effective lines drawn down and signs designating a smoking vs. non smoking area keep everything in control so they don’t need such policy madness. Smoke doesn’t drift over. Naaahhh.  And places always have separate ventilation systems. I’ll quit before I get on my soapbox.

We didn’t get much snow — ’bout 2 inches. We should be able to get out tomorrow morning to make church. Who’da thunk we’d ever make 4 Sundays in a row much less batting one thousand.