Already today I have been blessed. It is not yet 8am and I have only been up a few hours but God has already made my day. Below is a quick bullet list of wonderful blessings.

  • a warm shower
  • my morning devotions accompanied by made-with-love pancakes from my wife
  • worship and praise music on my iPhone during breakfast
  • a fawn eating meadow grass with its mother in the morning mist
  • a gorgeous sunrise with yellows and oranges and reds rising across a deep green field of soybeans against a baby blue sky
  • an inspiring “Focus On The Family” podcast on Sacred Marriage — go download their mobile apps so you can hear and enjoy too!
  • a beautiful broad winged hawk perched atop a freeway light pole searching for breakfast
  • 11 geese flying in formation above my car
  • my favorite Tenth Avenue North song on KLOVE as I came into my office at work

And I still have the whole day in front of me to enjoy God’s blessings and serve His kingdom.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net