I spent quite a lot of time in the garage yesterday after church worship. It was nice and organized and calling for me to mess it up with a project. So I switched on the NASCAR race and proceeded to recycle some EPS — more commonly known by its brand name Styrofoam — panels that we get at work for shipments but then just throw away, into insulation panels for my naked, metal garage doors. Now, here in August it won’t make that much of a difference, but come Dec, Jan or Feb, I am hoping that I will still be able to work on stuff out there even though it’s freezing outside.

Unfortunately, the NASCAR race was rained out. But fortunately, the NFL and players have hammered out a contract and are actively cramming as many pre-season football games as they can before the real season starts. The NFL Network is playing them all back to back. So the Cowboys/Broncos and Bears/someone else I forgot, were on my garage TV.

Later in the afternoon, a cold front came down. I use the term loosely because only last week did we break from an almost-record three week streak of above 90 and triple digit heat index days. Last week was downright gorgeous with little humidity and in the 80’s — California weather if I were to order it on the internet. But this cold front brought some rain torrents and dropped us down into the low 70’s — downright cold for August in Kentucky. My wife and I grabbed chairs and sat in the garage looking out watching the rain and listening to the forest reflect the sound. It was very soothing and enjoyable. And we both agreed that, with the football game in the background, it totally felt like Fall. It was a very weird feeling knowing that it was August but had all the hallmarks of Autumn. We are looking forward to the next season but still want Summer to last a big longer.

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