I posted a short blurb on Friday how I thought it was interesting that folks were driving around with their windows down in 49F degrees. Well, today I bet people were putting down their convertible tops. It hit 63F degrees and it was absolutely gorgeous. We left church and were determined to make the most of it and spend some much needed time outside.

As soon as we returned home, K put on a dress and flip flops and I actually put on shorts with a hoodie. D played outside and rode his bike with a neighbor boy and I put on the NASCAR Fontana race in the garage to begin some early garage spring cleaning. You see, the garage has been neglected since Thanksgiving with stuff piling up and all. It was too cold out there to work or do anything. And today was that day to begin getting it all back in order.

I did take a break to have an early dinner of my favorite chicken fajitas (thanks, wifey!) and also to play TrakBall with K. A neighbor stopped by on his 4 wheeler to say hi and it reminded me of upcoming Spring and Summer where we spend most of our time outside playing, swimming, gardening, mowing, picnicing, cornholing, playing baseball, chatting with the neighbors and just overall enjoying life out in the country. Boy, I can’t wait.

I know we aren’t out of winter yet, but these 40-50-60F degree days begin to get sprinkled in here and there and it just keeps you going until we bust forth into Spring. And I am not kidding myself. It is supposed to get colder again later this week. But I don’t care because I know the promise of Spring is right around the corner.

Interestingly, watching the race on TV, the weather here in Kentucky on February 21, 2010 is better than the weather in Fontana, California. That doesn’t happen very often, especially in February.

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  1. CindyDianne says:

    Kent and I actually hiked up our pants, put on tank tops (Kent just took his off) and laid in the sun yesterday. It was a glorious 74 degrees. Tomorrow? Snow.