Normally this time of year our tradition has been to drive around a local neighborhood and look at Christmas lights while enjoying coffee and hot chocolate. This year, however, we tried something new. First, we met up with some family friends for dinner at a local pizza place. The kids all had a good time and the food and conversation was enjoyable.

Afterwards, instead of aimlessly navigating around a strange neighborhood on a wild goose chase looking for visual jackpots of Christmas lights, we went to “Lights Under Louisville”. You see, there is a megacavern under the zoo. It was an underground rock quarry that was also developed into a civil defense site during the cold war. They have over 3 million square feet of cavern-ness and they decorated an automobile path for Christmas. While the admission price of $25 a vehicle was steep, I really liked the fact that all I had to do was put the Tahoe in drive and idle along following the vehicle ahead of me. No meandering, no searching, no wild goose chase, no whining that there are no lights — just a 20-30 minute trail of lighted holiday goodness out each side of the truck. And it was nice and warm in there too — a constant 61 degrees displayed on the truck mirror in contrast to the 25F outside. And they had a Christmas music soundtrack blaring all throughout the caverns which added to the Christmas cheer.

It was Christmas light extravaganza one-stop-shopping. Below are some pix that K took.

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