Well, today is our 6 year anniversary in Kentucky. So much has happened and we have come so far. And while there are still things that come up that are “new”, this whole experience has now become our day to day routine. Kentucky is home and we truly have acclimated — to the changes in weather, to the people, to the state, to the slower pace, and to the not slower pace.

It is interesting because when we arrived in the state 6 years ago, it also was on a Friday. Below are each of my anniversary posts. Again, I am a person that likes to look back on milestones and admire the progress and growth — the lessons and experiences.

2005 – 1 year

2006 – 2 year

2007 – 3 year (no post)

2008 – 4 year

2009 – 5 year (no post)

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