My oldest daughter came up to me this evening and asked me for something she’s never asked before. No, she didn’t ask for the keys to the car. She didn’t ask if she could date a boy. She didn’t even ask for money.

She asked for a prayer request. This caught me off guard and I am pleased to abide by her request for so many reasons. Because she felt open enough in our parent-teen relationship to communicate such a touching request. Because she feels that my spirituality is something that can add positively to the situation. That she has a faith that is active and a part of her, not just on Sunday mornings. All the way around I was very pleased with my daughter.

And now the request — a classmate of her’s, Dalton, lost his dad today. Thankfully, the family is strong and believes in Christ as their Savior so his dad is finally home. However, that does not ease the pain he or his family is going through right now.

I am getting on my knees. If you can in your part of the world and at your time, please join me in praying for this family.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net