This post is a request for help. During the second week of July, I will be headed down with a group from my church to help rebuild the Mississippi gulf coast from hurricane Katrina. I am taking a week of vacation to help distribute, tear down, rebuild, aid, feed and support the folks down there — basically being a disciple of example.

What I need is support and sponsorship from my blog readers. You can sponsor me for a whole day for $20 or a half day for $10. Basically, this is my adult version of a trike, bike or jog-a-thon. I’ll do the hard work missing my family and work and putting in the effort in the Mississippi summer humidity. You get the easy part — signing the check and watching your generosity in action.

Below are a few of the links to the places I will be volunteering at. They are God’s “angels with skin”.

Christus Victor Disaster Response – where I’ll be staying

Christus Victor Lutheran Church

Christus Victor pictures

Christus Victor volunteer blog

Christian Appalachian Project — the good folks organizing the group from my church

Even if you cannot give financially, please give me the best gift you can give me — your prayers. I will need them as I prepare for the trip, travel down there, work as God’s hands, and share the burden.

To contribute financially, please send me an email at “dan at aslowerpace dot net”. I will then give you my church’s name and address so you can earmark your tax deductible contribution. I appreciate your consideration and readership.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


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