This is a pretty funny story — but you’re gonna have to do some linking to get the full effect.

First, go here —

UPDATE: seems that link might not work — try this…..

It’s a pretty funny utilization of Flash animation — the theme song to “The Llama Butchers” blog.

Anyway, I played it for the kids…..for about a half hour. It’s an addictive tune that sticks in your head like one of those annoying songs that once it gets in there replays through your mind the rest of the day. The liked the high pitched voice, the random lyrics and pictures and the funny duck. Again, go to the link, watch the animation and listen to the tune — this’ll all make more sense.

So I’m at work today and I get a cell phone call from the wife. She took the kids, her sis-in-law and niece to the Louisville Zoo. It seems that they have llamas there so the kids all started singing the song. Then they noticed the pond in the pen…..AND IT HAD DUCKS IN IT! They were so excited and were yelling “LLAMA, LLAMA, DUCK!!!!!”.

It made for a nice break to my conference call. I laughed.

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