Below are a few pictures from our mission trip. I will continue to weed through the ones we all took and post those that tell a story.


Here is a final picture of the house we worked on. While most of the work occurred inside, you can see the improvement just from the front. No more huge weeds and dumpster. In fact, it actually looks like someone lives there. On Thursday, the meter reader guy was driving by and passed it up, but then had to back up and actually went to check the meter cuz he thought someone had started living there. That’s a good sign we did something right!

Here’s the wall art we left at the camp. They have a hallway that has become signature hall because almost every group has left artwork, inspirational messages and signatures.

We took a tour of the shoreline in Biloxi and here is an example of some of the damage one year later. This strip mall was, er…. stripped.

This is all that is left of Redeemer Episcopal church. It was a beautiful facility prior to Aug 29. All that’s left are the supporting iron, the hurricane Camile memorial and the bent flag pole.

And finally, while hurricane Katrina wrought the most damage of any natural disaster the US has seen, the resilient spirit prevails. Here is proof. It says “I love the coast. Here to stay.”

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