Exactly two years ago we closed escrow on this house and were moving all the boxes, furniture and stuff into it. As I remember it, the weather was nice — about 60F degrees and I remember thinking, “Winter isn’t too bad here in Kentucky”. Pretty funny since a few days later we got the most snow in 10 years.

A lot has happened in the short two years we’ve been here. What’s changed the most, though, has been our ability to reprioritize what is most important in our lives — our faith, our family, our friends, and our community. Work and possessions are in there further down the list but aren’t what we live for. It is good every once in a while to look back on how far you have come, how much progress you have made, what direction you have taken and the successes, challenges, losses and joys that are a part of your existence.

I am looking forward to many more milestone opportunities like today.

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