Spring tease…..

I left work a bit early today so I could go by the car stealership for a few parts I needed. On the drive across Louisville there I noticed something I haven’t seen this year — people driving with their windows rolled down. I checked the outdoor temperature indicator in my car and it read 49F. Quite a relief from the below freezing and snow we’ve been having. But come on now people, let’s not get carried away here. It’s still cold.

Actually, while short of rolling down my window, I have grown to think that if it is above freezing, it ain’t too bad out. And if the sun is out, even more so.

Here’s wishing a good weekend to ya,

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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One thought on “Spring tease…..

  1. I thought you had aclimated? 49º is warm! Funny thing is we noticed the same thing, especially yesterday after church!