Well, we’re coming up on our 7th month here in Kentucky. A lot has happened and most of it has developed right in front of your eyes right here. My wife and I said we would give ourselves a year for the transition and we feel we made it in less than half that time. We are fully transitioned to the country way of life and have been enjoying the slower pace as we thought we would. Some things we anticipated. Others we wouldn’t have believed you if you had told us.

So that gets to my point — I think the story has been told. I have a few different directions I am contemplating and some of it involves the feedback I am soliciting right now. This is not a publicity stunt or some way of seeking greater readership (although that wouldn’t hurt). Like the parable I heard during the sermon at church yesterday, I am throwing my blog seeds out there in the hope that some of them sprout and yield a harvest. I hope people — however small that number is — are getting something from this effort.

Has the story been told? If so, should it close the chapter on our successful transition. Or does the story continue on? (Hopefully not like those Police Academy movies.)

No matter the outcome, now that I am in the habit of regularly writing, I will be exercising it. It just might not be on this blog or via the internet. I have a book for my kids developing in my brain as well as some deeper spiritual journaling not intended for publishing.

Drop me a note and give me some feedback.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net