If you read yesterday’s post, you know that my son and I had a mission to WalMart. The reason for that mission was to get a new litter box and kitten food. See, my wife made a promise as we were moving out here that my middle daughter never forgot — to get her a kitten. A few weeks ago when we were up at that farm in Indiana the topic seriously came up. well, our neighbors just got two free ones from some friends and there was still one left over so this was a good opportunity.

The kitten — we can’t tell if it is a girl or boy — is a beautiful striped grey color. It is settling in nicely and knows where the litter box is. The other cat, which ruled as queen, is still hissing at it so that will take a while for them to warm up to each other. But not as long as it will take the dogs to get used to another cat. All in all, my middle daughter has been beaming and excited to have her new kitten.

I have church tomorrow, so it’s off to bed for me. My son has invaded our bed and is still wearing his swim trunks. While it was hot today — 92F — it really cooled off nicely this afternoon and made for a perfect evening. It’s my favorite time of day during the summer when the sun dips below the trees but there is still lots of light. And it is the perfect temperature where you can’t tell whether it is hot or cold. That means it’s perfect. Although we are looking forward to hurricane Dennis bringing us some rain. The ground is parched and cracking and we need it badly.

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