Well, 365 days ago we pulled into the driveway to make this place ours. I can remember it was an unseasonable 60F degree day. I thought to myself “This isn’t that bad”.

Today is also a beautiful day. Not 60F degrees — not even close. But with the sun out and shining, everything is beautiful and you wouldn’t know that it is only 35F degrees. I even took my mountain bike out on the back property. The crisp air and the quiet woods reflecting the bright sun were beautiful — but in a different way than when it was all green or when they were a bounty of fall colors.

Tonight we have the kids’ Christmas pagent/play/performance — whatever you call it. Afterwards we are going out on our traditional yearly Christmas light drive where we drive to some of the well lit up and decorated neighborhoods for the kids to see. We’ll play Christmas music in the truck and bring hot chocolate to enjoy as we drive around. It will be interesting because I don’t really have an exact route as I did back in CA.

And for celebration of our 1 year Kentucky anniversary, we’re gonna go to a very nice steak house where we made the decision to come here initially. Table number 11 is our special table. We’ll be there tomorrow night to ring in our second year in our new home state.

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