In today’s marketplace there are many companies, outfits, organizations, and corporations competing for various slices of the marketplace pie. And with the economy being the way it is, the consumer has a bit more clout and discretion on where those disposable (and not-so-disposable) dollars go. Unfortunately, there are still companies out there that just don’t get it. They believe that the customer is there for the company rather than the other way around. Some companies miss the point that it is not about money, but rather it is about a product or service that ultimately the customer is seeking. Fulfill that customer’s need and you go a long way towards, not only making a sale or transaction, but opening the door for future transactions.

So when I come across a company or organization that does this well, I am going to start writing about it and putting it here on my blog so you, my reader, can also benefit from possibly allowing these great companies fulfill your needs as well.

This whole idea of sharing great companies out there came about from a recent web order I had placed a week or so ago. Here on the A Slower Pace property, we heavily rely upon our Invisible Fence to keep our beloved dogs around the house. And with three dogs, we go through collar batteries at a quick rate. Unfortunately, they are $8-12 bucks if you get them from Invisible Fence. However, after doing some hacking research a few years ago, I discovered that the battery cells could be “liberated” and replaced using a standard 3V lithium battery. And after doing a little more research, I found a great web site that sold these batteries at $3 rather than the price gouging $8-12. What a deal! In fact, this web site – – not only has great prices, but also has a PDF that describes the battery liberating instructions. But that is just the beginning of it.

I have been ordering from for several years now. I place an annual order for the dog collar batteries as well as occasionally order batteries for my SureFire tactical light and other electronics. They have great prices, value and quick service. I had never given it much thought nor appreciation until my most recent order. I had ordered 12 of the dog batteries and only received 11. I looked through the packaging and dunnage to make sure I did not miss anything and then sent them an email last Sunday. To be easy, I asked if they would either send me an additional battery or (knowing that shipping might be more than the battery itself and cost ZBattery more money) a refund to my credit card. Very quickly, they not only responded to my email, but also sent me a replacement battery that arrived Tuesday. Now that is service!

As they say, it is not how someone (or a company) handles the good things – it is how they handle the bad things where character is revealed.

Thanks ZBattery! I will continue to be a battery customer for a long time.

NOTE: I did not receive anything for writing this message. ZBattery doesn’t even know I had written it. But if you have any battery needs (and with today’s electronics, don’t we all?) go over to and order what you need. I can assure you – they probably have it.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net