Archive for March 29th, 2005

While I was busy eating my breakfast and reading a fishing article in the recent “Field and Stream”, my wife made a comment that made me look up. She said “That is beautiful”. I looked up to realize she was referring to the impending sunrise, not me.

It was still darkish. The ground and trees still bled together in a black silouette. However, you could see the grey fog layer hovering above the pasture. Breaking through the trees was a yellowish orange band that graduated into a cyan middle layer. This was similar in color to the bright cyan ink cartridge you put into your inkjet printer. Usually it ends there with the cyan slowly blending into the dark upper part of the sky. But this morning there was a higher band of clouds that reflected back a bright pink magenta. The brilliant layering effect of multiple colors and shades was very impressive. God and nature continue to impress me.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

By the way, I didn’t post on Easter because I took it off like most other places around here. I hope it was enjoyable for you and yours.