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I’ve done quite a few of these that I’m gonna start putting numbers to them. I’m starting out with 13 because it’s a prime number.

“You’re not too good to stay out and you’re not so bad that you can’t come in.”

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot com

Well, my special day is done and past. Thanksgiving is a day where I not only give thanks, but my wife slaves for me making my favorite meal. The smells of the meal wake me up, I get to hang and play with the kids, maybe take a nap, watch some football and pig out eating. Basically I am king for the day.

However, the next day the tables turn. While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the whole Christmas season is my wife’s favorite. And a tradition has developed in our family where the day after Thanksgiving all of our Christmas decorations go up. Actually it’s more like a Christmas bomb went off leaving decoration shrapnel EVERYWHERE! And yours truly is the slave to the wife. I hauled something like 20 or 30 boxes — and those were just from the attic. I didn’t count the ones in the basement. Anyway, I was my wife’s Christmas bitch today. And there was so much stuff (and I snuck in a couple of games of MechAssault on the basement Xbox) that the outside lights and stuff get pushed to tomorrow when it’ll be warmer — a high of 50!!! Woohoo!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot com

Here is a prayer from Mrs. A Slower Pace this evening,

On this day of thanks, we pray that those less fortunate than us won’t go hungry. We pray for the men and women serving our country that they come home safely. We thank you Lord for all of our many blessings; that we have each other, we have good health, a safe and warm home, and clean clothes to wear. Thank you for Dan’s job and that he can provide for us. Thank you for our friends and watch over our families — we pray for their health and happiness. Most of all, thank you that we have each other and that you send us our special angels to watch over us.

In Jesus’ name we pray,