Arrr, arrr, arrr…..

I spent a lot of this last weekend in the garage. It has been a continuation of last month where one of my wife’s b-day presents was for me to clean the garage. Well, I have been continuing that momentum and taking it even further. The whole garage isn’t clean, but 2/3 of it is and we can park her truck and my car in there. Additionally, I have been able to quickly locate any of the various tools used for the myriad of home/garage projects. And my discipline in returning them has stuck and the garage is as clean and usable today as it was when I began the project a month ago. For me, that is a record.

So yesterday, I took a break from continued work on the last section of garage, and instead focused on changing the oil in my wife’s truck and my car. Also, seizing the opportunity, I brought D out so he could help me wrench on the vehicles and learn to exercise some of his Y chromosome.

I went into the finer points of the engine. I explained the role of oil in the engine. We even did a little experiment where he rubbed his hands together quickly. This created friction which created heat he could feel. I then had him do the same thing after I poured some vegetable oil on his palms. He rubbed even quicker but could not produce friction enough to generate any heat. I then explained how metal rubbing against metal is not good and produces lots of friction and heat and that the oil we were putting into the engine prevents that and lubricates the many moving parts.

I then let him jack up my car (which we didn’t need to do with my wife’s truck). I explained how we had to safely find the jack points and then lift the car with the floor jack. I also asked him how such a little boy could lift up the heavy car all by himself. He pointed to the jack and I explained that the jack worked by using physics. We did a couple of experiments with the jack so he could see the difference in leverage, where he put his hands on the jack lever, and distance and frequency of the pumps.

With the car finally up, I told him that this was the most important part of the day — positioning the jack stands to that we could work under the vehicle safely. I told him that even though the car was up on the jack, that we had to use jack stands if we ever went underneath the car. It was ok to just use the jack alone if we were just changing a tire, but if we put any part of our body underneath the car, we had to use jack stands. That made sense to him and we should never have to find out the hard way.

I then showed him my vehicle maintenance log and pointed out all the past maintenance activities. I also highlighted how I had written down common, frequently used tool sizes. For example, my car that we were working on required a 9/16 socket for the oil drain bolt. We went over to the tool box and I had him select the correct socket and wrench. We proceeded back over to the car and got underneath while he positioned the oil pan and I loosened the drain bolt. He watched the oil come out and slowly decrease to a drip. He updated me on the progress as I retrieved the oil filter and positioned paper towels accordingly. With the last drip, drip, drip, I tightened the oil drain bolt, screwed off the filter, and put on the new one. I then gave him a quick lesson on the weights of oil – 5W-30, 15W-40, 30W, 20W-50 – all of which I had in stock. I told him that my car was special and required a special type of oil – synthetic Mobil 1 5W-30. He grabbed the funnel and we poured the golden juice into the motor. He commented that he could tell it was new oil because of the gold color and that used oil was jet black.

The job done, we celebrated with a pair of throw back Dr Peppers with real sugar that we poured in glass bottles to enjoy.

The heat got to him though (along with the donuts from church) and he retreated inside while I began work on my wife’s truck. However, soon enough he was back out with me and underneath her truck as we changed her oil.

It was a nice time with my son doing guy stuff and I am glad I could impart some garage knowledge down to him. Even though it was hot and humid, it was what makes a good garage memory.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

Catch up…..

As I stated a week ago in my prayer request post, I have been totally slacking at my blog maintenance and post generation. There is lots going on and I have been trying to focus on my family and my “to do” list. Unfortunately, the blog is not one of my top 10 priorities and lately it has showed. We’ll see what will happen in the next few weeks or months. I like to set a goal of posting daily. However, that can be unrealistic given all of the other higher priorities I am trying to balance. I think I might relieve myself of that goal and rather post spontaneously as the ideas or writings come to me. Again, we’ll see how that goes.

And right now as I sit at the computer, I have way more thoughts than time to get them entered.

First, is another prayer request. However, these are prayers of thanksgiving. You see, since my last post a lot has happened to Chris — he is the young jogger who was hit by the van. Let me give you an update and a miracle story.

Last Sunday progressed from us praying for a random person who we didn’t know to praying for a young man from my daughter’s hybrid homeschool who she knows, I have never seen prayer networks come alive for a believer. From our friends who were immediate responders to the homeschool consortium network to the Emmaus community to prayer request statuses on Facebook, the prayer channels came alive and truly had an impact to Chris’s injuries and recovery.

Immediately, we found out that there was no paralysis even though he had broken his neck. Next were brain swelling and bleeding concerns that put him into urgent surgery. Those concerns evaporated and I am convinced it was through prayer. Next was Chris getting up and walking on Tuesday — we’re talking 48 hours after a fragile 160 pound body was assaulted by a 3500 pound van. And that was followed by CHRIS LEAVING THE HOSPITAL ON THURSDAY WITH AN EXPECTED FULL RECOVERY!!!!! How amazing is that?!?!?!? I attribute it all to the power of prayer and how that day unfolded bringing many, many believers to their knees for a young disciple of Christ.

If you read that post last Sunday and put Chris in your prayers — thank you and know that your spiritual petition had a positive impact. If you did not read my post or are just reading this now, know that prayer works and it is critical for your walk with Christ.

If you ever have any prayer requests, please forward them to me. I would be honored to add them to my prayer list.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net