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Every Friday when I go and pray downtown in front of the local abortion clinic, I meet up with several devoted prayer warriors. Several of these folks have been down there either daily or weekly for not only months, but years.

One such older lady is Donna. She is a precious grandma type and what she lacks in physical strength and size she more than makes up in faith and wisdom. She is a persistent, faithful and bold prayer warrior who I look forward to seeing week in and week out. She particularly enjoys it when I bring my son D down and she goes out of her way to give him a hug and speak to him. She will lovingly speak with those lost young girls going in and coming out of the abortion center providing them information, letting them know of alternatives, and letting them know of Christ’s love.

One particular event revealed Donna’s true nature and cemented her in my mind as a true disciple. It was during a time when there was quite a bit of activity in front of the center. There were several of the clinic escorts in orange vests out front and Donna was standing on the curb by her car signs that say “It’s a boy” and “It’s a girl” highlighting the sanctity of life. She had her Bible and crucifix in her hands and a guy drove by really slow. He honked his horn and yelled to Donna out his rolled down window several expletives that do not bear repeating here. It was obvious his anger and ire were pointed towards Donna, not the abortion clinic. She turned towards the street and, without missing a beat, said in a louder voice (for her), “God bless you!!!”.

I was impressed. Her reaction wasn’t thought out. It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t deduced or premeditated. It was the natural reaction of a loving servant of Christ. I don’t know I would have responded the same way…..actually, I know I would not have responded the same way. I have more time along my path to acquire such wisdom and patience. But Donna models it.

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. — Luke 6:27-28

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