2013 Thunder Over Finchville…..

Mother nature sure didn’t get my memo for securing the date for this year’s Thunder Over Finchville because we were in the middle of multiple days of soaking rain. Other organizations and municipalities called their displays off but between the work that had gone into arranging and fusing the fireworks and the major amounts of food and prepping that had been done, we were pretty much committed to some kind of celebration party on Friday night.

And happen it did. The team of 8 guys wrapped the firework boards in plastic and put them out with the control boxes. It did begin to mist and when the show actually started it was sprinkling. By the time it turned into a full on rain, the wonderful fireworks display kept everyone glued to the sky while also trying to manage not getting wet — although people were already under pop up canopies, retreated to their vehicles or had rain ponchos on. When it did end, everyone scurried to their cars and almost all 120 people were gone in about 10 minutes. Below is a short 45 second snippet video of the 15-20 minute display.

Thanks to all who attended and even more thanks for those involved in setup and clean up.

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