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Today is my son’s birthday. As a family, we are excited to celebrate it. Birthdays, like anniversaries and celebratory dates, are important because they are milestones in our path of life. They are natural spots that allow us to pause and reflect back on certain aspects of our journey. Think of them as “lookout points” on your Slower Pace hiking trail where you should pause, reflect, and look back upon your hike.

Soak in the view.

Catch your breath.

Realize how far you have come.

Enjoy your accomplishments.



Why is it that during an actual hike we take advantage of these physical lookout points and scenic spots, but we don’t do the same in our hurried lives?

I encourage you to take a look at your calendar, identify the next milestone in your life, and make plans to pause, reflect, and enjoy the view.

And for my son — Happy Birthday, D! I love you!

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net