It has been quite a while since I have written anything on this site. Life has continued on — family, career, COVID, etc. There have been peaks and valleys to write about, but time was spent elsewhere instead of writing blog posts.

However, there is a significant upcoming life event that bears much resemblance to what prompted me to start this blog in November 2004 and write posts for over 10 years. Back then we were launching out on an adventure to leave the Southern California rat race and slow down (hence this blog name) into the Kentucky countryside.

Well, I am about to do that again, by leaving the corporate rat race and slow down into what some might call early retirement, but I am deciding to call permanent sabbatical.

My last sabbatical in Sept and Oct of 2021 was filled with travel with my wife, family time, volunteering, home projects, and road tripping our beautiful country. In my mind, those 8 weeks were “practice” for my upcoming departure from corporate life. And it was so successful that I could have started right then and there. However, there were financial, spiritual, physical, and logistical things that needed to be put in place. The timing was not yet right.

Now is that time.

Tomorrow on the last day of March 2022, I will submit my voluntary resignation to a company I have spent 12 1/2 years with. Add the 12 years from my previous company and I have spent almost a quarter of a century in the biotech industry. I have been blessed by many people, colleagues, experiences, opportunities, and challenges throughout that time. But the time to transition is now — hence my 2022 word of the year — TRANSITION. And hence, my intent to pick back up writing this blog. I hope all seven of you enjoy it.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net