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The cat is out of the bag and the ball is rolling. I gave my company notice on Thursday, March 31 of my separation intentions. My last day will be this next Friday, April 8. And while I still have a bit of corporate life left, I am sitting here in my home office on a Saturday recognizing that the gears are already shifting.

For one, I still have a boss. You would think that when I left corporate life I would be free of someone over me. However, I have always joked that “I go to work so I can get some relaxation in away from my weekend boss at home” — especially when there were very physical projects on the property. Pouring concrete, laying tile, finishing drywall, or fixing a truck suspension, those are tiring efforts and much harder to perform than my non-physical, desk jockey, meeting joining day job — although all the thinking, leading, guiding, advising, and managing can be mentally taxing, but I digress.

For example, right now the squeaking dryer in our laundry room that announces its need for attention in the form of “squeak, squeak” during each rotation is an unavoidable reminder that my permanent sabbatical list is not at a threat to diminish. Add to that the fact that I see the grass recovering from its winter dormancy and starting to grow which is a reminder that I need to pull out the zero turn mower and perform Spring preventative maintenance so it is ready to cut down the ever-growing mass of green. However, I will have more time to tackle that never-ending home list that we all seem to have.

And technically, this is no different than any other weekend when there are things to check off the list. But I guess I am more sensitized to the fact that I will have more time to focus and tackle the medium and small items on the list that tend to get prioritized farther down when Sunday evening rolls around and there is a stack of lesser tasks that did not get finished.

So here is to the new phase of permanent sabbatical and the shifting of gears.

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