I had a quick business trip this week — first to Memphis for a day and then Chicago. I leave this afternoon which is a good thing because it’s -5F here. Brrrr!!

Unfortunately, I had to learn that the hard way this morning. Not wanting to burden my expense report with another $42 room service breakfast, I headed to a 24 hr breakfast place that was within walking distance of my nice hotel on Michigan Ave. I remembered seeing it the previous night on the way back from dinner which was about 8 or 9 blocks away. I didn’t think not knowing exactly how far was a big deal because I knew the route; I just didn’t know how far but that it couldn’t be farther then 8 or 9 blocks.

So I had my nice black pea coat on and entered the circular glass revolving door. Upon exit, the freezing cold took my breath away…..and didn’t give it back. It was so cold that it was hard to breathe. I picked up my pace and began power walking to my breakfast destination. The crosswalk lights were cooperating making my time out in the cold more bearable because I was constantly making progress. Although I was regretting not having a cap or beanie.

1 block, 2 blocks, turn left and cross the street. Man this is cold. And now the wind is blowing down this concrete canyon taking all known warmth from any exposed piece of flesh. 3 blocks, look both ways, jay walk, 4 blocks, jay walk again. Man, I can’t feel my ears now. 5 blocks and my head is beginning to hurt as the wind freezes the snot from my rebelling nose. I think I see it up ahead on the left. I begin jogging. I reach the relief of the vestibule winded and frozen after a 6 1/2 block thermal gauntlet. Damn! I just figured out that I have to reverse all that after breakfast. Well, at least I’ll have time to thaw out and have a full belly.

Blueberry pancakes and an orange juice were on tap along with wonderful service from Mary. My devotions for breakfast were in 2 Timothy chapters 1 and 2. Soon enough it was time to brave the Chicago frozen tundra again so I heavily tipped Mary and busted out into the cold. The walk back was equally as brutal but at least this time I had the wind to my back. And on my elevator ride up to my room, I noticed the little LCD advertisement display telling me that it was 6:55am and -5F. Hmmmm…..I must have missed that on my ride down. It sure would have been nice to know. Not that I’d do anything different.

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