I saw this “Sign From God” last weekend on our way to Chicago.

“One Nation Under God is
right on the money”

Also, our family stopped to have dinner at a Cracker Barrell off I-65. If you know Cracker Barrell, they always have a country store connected to their dining room. And my wife loves their country store because they always have cool thematic items — holiday themes, country themes, John Deere themes, Americana themes, etc. Well, one corner was Spiritual/Religious themed and she was perusing the wares. One of the items was a church sign book. Basically, just pictures of all sorts of church signs. They totally snagged my “Sign From God” idea. And it was funny because I glossed through a few of the pages and they were messages I have posted here — not necessarily from the same church sign though. I guess the churches must use a church sign web site or database.

Don’t worry — I will continue to bring new Signs From God messages to you free of charge. 🙂

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