Not much to mention other than it was a typical God, family, football/NASCAR Sunday. Church to kick it off, making salsa with the kids, watching NASCAR with my wife and son (kind of), watching football with my wife topped by a great family dinner. Even the NASCAR finish was interesting — my car won, followed by my wife’s driver, my son’s driver and grandpa’s driver (Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johhson and Bobby Labonte). Too bad my Dallas Cowgirls don’t know how to finish off a game. It wasn’t just this week’s game that they couldn’t finish well — they just dodged the loss in the two weeks prior.

It was funny during the NASCAR race. My wife rubbed it in that her driver was leading (and during most of the race I might add). My son responded by saying that when he played with his NASCAR Hot Wheels that her car wouldn’t win — only his and Daddy’s. That made me laugh.

Something different ———

I haven’t done this on the blog before but this is kinda important and needs your attention. I have a prayer request. My neighbor was hospitalized the week prior with meningitis. He came home last week and everything appeared to be normalizing but yesterday he went back into the hospital with a few blod clots and an infection. Please keep him in your prayers for a full recovery and a return to his wife and two boys.

…..Dan at aslowerpace