Things have been quite busy at work having to cram one week’s worth of pharmaceutical deliveries into two days. I have had some posts bouncing around in my brain but they wisp away before I’ve had time to actually sit down at a keyboard.

One church sign that I saw late last week stuck with me and I really wanted to share it. However, it too, got lost in the busy-ness. However, my brain actually retained it. I shared it with my wife last night in a deep conversation we were having. At dinner tonight she said it really impacted her — enough to make a positive change in her. It was funny because after she told me of the positive impact it had on her, I told her that I had meant it to be a post. She insisted that I post about it because she said if it had that good of an impact on her, it might also similarly impact someone else. Hence this post and below is the long, lost church sign.

“It’s funny that we use prayer as a last resort instead of our first resource.”

…..Dan at aslowerpace