I am a very big supporter of Christian radio — and for so many reasons. It is a ray of light into our dark world. Musical joy and hope for our day. A form of entertainment you can listen to and enjoy with your kids without filter or censorship. And, of course, a conduit and vehicle for people to find their way to Christ.

My local Christian radio station, 88.5 WJIE, is an awesome community partner that provides local support, great praise and worship concerts, and scriptural encouragement. You can join me in enjoying their ministry by streaming them at — http://www.wjie.org/.

Another Christian radio station I support is K-LOVE. They are a national Christian radio station that retransmits in many different cities. You can also stream them online at http://www.klove.com/ — just like I am doing right now. I blogged a previous post about K-LOVE’s ministry during a recent multi-state drive I made from Texas to Kentucky.

WJIE had their big fundraiser back in February and they surpassed their goal thanks to the generocity of the Lord. I was blessed enough to be able to support them financially, spiritually, and physically (by answering phones). What a blessing they are!

K-LOVE is having their big fundraiser this week! You can participate with prayer and by donating. They are another effective vessel that God is using for His glory and you have the opportunity to be a part of that. Go check it out at http://www.klove.com/.

At the very least, go online and stream the wonderful music these radio ministries provide. I can guarantee that the positive, uplifting music glorifies Christ and will change your heart, mind and life.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net